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Meredith Rosenberg — Founder & CEO of Southern Raised Learning

As a special educator for over 40 years, I have a master’s degree in special education and am a certified special education teacher in the state of Georgia. I have taught preschool through high school and have worked with special needs adults. I’ve held teaching positions in Dekalb, Clayton, and Fayette counties, as well as having taught in private school.

I believe that every child is unique—each one has their own set of strengths as well as weaknesses. My goal is to find those strengths and build upon them.That’s why I individualize each and every student’s educational plan by discovering a child’s present level, strengthening that level and then planting new seeds.

Parents can see what their child is working on in their “Skills Notebook” which travels between home and school. Tasks are broken down into bitesize pieces, using hands-on manipulatives and direct instruction in one-on-one and small group settings. I employ an abundance of positive reinforcement, giving small rewards for desired outcomes.

The same is true when I want to diminish unwanted behaviors. Tiny rewards are given when desired behavior is demonstrated.

If you walk into my classroom at any given time, you will witness a relaxed atmosphere where children are engaged, happy and having fun while learning. You will also witness teachers who are engaged in activity with students and experiencing the true joy that comes when students feel good about themselves and their learning.

Gail Sims

Gail earned a four-year art degree from Harding University. She homeschooled her two children from the third grade through high school graduation and brings a variety of experiences to us: two years of therapeutic riding, four years as a private school teaching assistant, a facilitator of Neuronet, a job coach with older students, and a co-teacher of art and music classes for children with special needs. For the past two years, Gail has worked as a learning coach for students enrolled in online school. This is her second year here and fifth year working alongside SRL’s founder.

Gail is trustworthy, dedicated and devoted to helping students achieve their goals and work toward their personal best. In an atmosphere where innovation and creativity are extremely important, Gail has proven herself to be an invaluable asset.

Coach Lou

Louis Allen, CSCS is a Professional Fitness Coach who enjoys empowering others on the practicality of living a healthy lifestyle. He believes that kids do not move enough and spend too much time on technology. Louis has developed an engaging PE program designed to get kids active again

Louis earned his B.A. in Kinesiology & Physical Education from Long Beach State (Athletic Training Emphasis), NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, American Heart CPA/First Aid/AED; NESTA IMPACT Certified, Member of National Strength & Conditioning Association and Certified Functional Movement Screen FMS Specialist.

Coach Lou, as he is usually called, has an infectious personality. He is currently one of the most requested fitness professionals amongst children and adults. Currently, Louis is building his company, Atlanta Fit Club, LLC and works with private elementary schools teaching PE classes throughout Southwest Atlanta.

We are so excited to have Coach Lou on staff here at Southern Raised Learning.