A school for students with academic, social and emotional challenges.
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The Skills Binder

Our curriculum offers an individualized Skills Binder with your child’s functioning levels in mind. The binder is organized by subject with activities they are currently working on and ones they have mastered. This binder travels back and forth with the student daily and is updated frequently by the teacher.


When we enroll a child at Southern Raised Learning, we enroll their parents. We believe it takes a village to successfully educate a child with special needs and we happily partner with our parents to ensure the success of their child.

Parents are encouraged to review the binder with their child in the evening, on weekends and over holidays. If their child is not able to attend school for a doctor’s appointment or an illness, they have immediate make-up work at their fingertips.

A student who receives instruction at their level is a student who has high self-esteem and self-confidence.


Our reading curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based reading and language arts solution. With this program, our students build the critical strategies needed to be successful readers and writers.

“For the first time in his life, I don't have to fight my son to go to school. Southern Raised Learning has been life changing for our family. The way they are able to individualize academics for each child’s level is absolutely amazing. I have never seen that before and it has been a game changer for my son’s academic growth. In addition to their student-centered academics,they integrate social skills lessons into class daily which is invaluable to children who think differently. Our family is so blessed to have found this gem!

Lauren R.
Current Parent


Southern Raised Learning follows the Common Core Standards. These concepts are presented in a concise, organized manner. The concrete manipulatives and hands-on approach we use is vital to concept mastery at every level. In addition, we offer an opportunity for parents to practice the skills we introduce during the day with a short, at-home assignment from the Skills Binder. Twenty minute math reinforcement activities strengthen new skills and promote concept mastery.

Social Studies & Science

Our social studies and science lessons are engaging. Hands-on and meaningful. Lessons are enhanced with attractive and colorful materials presented at each student’s level for optimal comprehension and value.

When a student excitedly tells their family about their school day at the dinner table…we have accomplished our mission…

My family has had the honor of knowing Meredith Rosenberg for the past six year and she is most definitely a gift to the community! After being an educator for the past thirty+ years in both the public and private sector, she could have easily walked away from the education world. Luckily for so many parents, Mrs. Rosenberg pursued her passion and gift by creating a school where children with unique gifts and special needs can thrive in every area. Meredith makes it possible for each child to succeed with their own personalized academic program. As a parent, what more could we possibly ask for?

Kim M.
Current Parent

Social Skills

Our social skills programming is both interactive and engaging. We build in numerous opportunities for students to practice their social skills across the curriculum. We also encourage parents to promote social opportunities where their skills can be used outside of the school setting. Skills like social functioning, listening, responsibility, personal space and emotions are a few of the valuable social skills we explore.