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Your child's primary school years are crucial to establishing and reinforcing the concepts and skills used for an entire lifetime.

Southern Raised Learning serves children 3-12 years of age who will benefit from a child centered learning environment with individually designed curriculum.

At Southern Raised Learning, I believe that a successful school is one built on the academic, social, and emotional needs of the students that attend. Instruction based on the specific needs and interests of a child promotes a happy, healthy, and active learner.

Southern Raised Learning has re-opened enrollment for the current school year!! We have limited space available to students in grades first through fourth. For more information, please send an email to meredith@southernraisedlearning.com or call 678-770-4132. Plans are to grow Southern Raised Learning to twice the size and we would hate to leave you out!

Tips to Survive Summer Academics for Parents with a Special Needs Child

For many families with special needs children, summer learning will be in the forecast. Here are some tips that I hope will make the process easier:

I believe the special needs student has been hit the hardest in the wake of the pandemic this spring academic semester. These students thrive in a small group with specialized instruction from Certified Special Educators. That all ended when students were sent home to continue learning. Most of the student population has gone to Online Learning; an opportunity for students to become one with their technology device. This, however, has proven to be an extremely difficult alternative for special needs kids who don’t perform the same as their age-appropriate peers. This scenario has proven equally challenging for the parents of these special learners for they have taken on the role of teacher. Thinking back when I was in college, we used to describe certain situations as BT’s. This meant you had to “Be There.” In a word…delivering instruction to students who don’t learn in the traditional manner is nothing less than a BT. You gotta Be There…remote instruction is simply not an option.

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Is your child struggling in their current educational setting?

We offer a child-centered school setting in a learning environment with teaching methods and curriculum specifically designed to meet your child's needs. Our main goal is to provide classrooms where students are motivated and eager to learn and grow.

Meredith worked tirelessly to make “the lights come on” for our son with his reading when he was in kindergarten…..and he hasn’t stopped reading since then!! Teaching kids to bring out their best is what she does so well and her students never forget how she made a difference for them.

Marjean L.