A school for students with academic, social and emotional challenges.
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Southern Raised Learning

Meredith Rosenberg CEO/Founder

“Congratulations, at the Georgia Accrediting Commission’s Board of Directors’ Spring Conference on April 19, 2021 the Board voted to approve your consultant’s recommendation for accreditation. In a few days you will receive your certificate of accreditation. ”

Phillip K. Murphy, Sr.
Executive Director
Georgia Accrediting Commission

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Southern Raised Learning is an absolute blessing to our daughter and to our family! We struggled to find a place with an academic focus and SRL does just that. We love the individualized learning plan and the passion and love the teachers pour into helping our daughter excel. The Skills Binder that is sent home daily allows us the opportunity too work with our child at home. The binder also lets us know what she is currently working on and what she has mastered. To say that we are beyond grateful to have found Southern Raised Learning is an understatement!”

Kelly C.
Current Parent

After struggling in the public school system, Southern Raised Learning came highly recommended by a respected community member. Here our second grader receives individualized instruction and is enthusiastic about school and learning. All of his daily work is organized in a custom made Skills Binder. Nightly homework gives our son extra practice on the skills he learned that day. As parents, we are encouraged by Mrs. Rosenberg and the other teacher’s genuine interest and dedication to his development, growth and progress.

Jennifer L.
Current Parent