A school for students with academic, social and emotional challenges.
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Why Choose Southern Raised Learning?

  1. First of all, we require all our teachers to be certified in special education. Surprisingly that’s not something other schools insist on. We think it will make or break your child’s education.

  2. We have small classes that allow us to pay very close attention to each student.

  3. We make sure each child receives instruction at their very specific level by writing an individual lesson plan for each and every student—for each and every school day.

  4. Finally, we don’t believe in frills. That way you only pay for the solid academic, social and emotional education your child receives. We like being affordable.

Meet Mrs. R.

Meredith Rosenberg earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University and a Master of Science degree in special education from Georgia State University. She is a certified special education teacher in the state of Georgia.

With over 40 years of classroom experience she is the lead teacher and primary force behind Southern Raised Learning.

We are so happy with the learning opportunities that Southern Raised Learning has given our son. The teachers are creative, concerned and do their best to structure individualized learning to meet each students’ needs. We have the ability to strengthen academic skills at home with my son’s personalized Skills Binder which comes home every night. Meredith has created a loving, comfortable learning space for children with special needs.

Susan H.
Current Parent

Our Goals and Values
At Southern Raised Learning

Our primary goal at Southern Raised Learning is to create a child-centered school where children with special needs are motivated and able to learn.

At Southern Raised Learning, your child will find academic, social and emotional success.

  1. We engage each and every student in academics at THEIR level.
  2. We infuse all of our students with the confidence, self-assurance and motivation to achieve success.
  3. We promote honorable character and admirable behavior through positive reinforcement.
  4. We provide a low stress environment where learning comes naturally.
  5. We believe in an atmosphere which challenges our students to learn and do their best in a loving environment.
  6. We teach students to ask for breaks so they can de-stress when they become overwhelmed.
  7. We encourage our students to be active learners whether that means sitting at a table, on the carpet or in a beanbag chair.
  8. We use teaching methods and curriculum designed specifically to meet your child’s needs.